Scholarships and IT Phd Generalities

1. How much should I pay each semester of the PhD?

The amount of each semester is based in the minimum wage of the Guadalajaras´ metropolitan area. For example, todays amount of each semester in the PhD is near to $8, 743.00 mexican pesos for three seminars. That is the result of multipling 0.3 minimum wage of the Guadalajaras´ metropolitan area by credit. However, the each semester the student can submit a proposal to be eligible for a discount or fully exemption of payment.

2. Do I have the posibility to ask for a scholarship? What options do I have?

Yes, you can ask for a scholarship. You can consider multiple options , but the one that the PhD students demands the most is the one of CONACYT that provides them around $9, 466.00 (Mexican pesos). However, the CONCYT scholarship requieres full time dedication and non more than 8 hours per week of extra activities.

3. Can I obtain a CONACYT scholarship, even do I’m a foreigner?

Of course you can. Once a candidate is accepted, if he covers all the requirements that CONACYT establishes, he can ask for a CONACYT scholarship if you are accepted in the PhD Program. The probability to get the scholarship is higher.

4. Once I’m a PhD student, in how many time is expected the accomplish of the program?

The accomplish of the program should be in three years. Remember that you need before the thesis disertation to have at least one intenrnational recognized publication.

5. What does mades this program special and different from others in the country?

The IT PhD is special because a marketing research shows that it is the only one of its kind in the country. The results of that research was made in all the institutions of Mexico, and there is no other in the CONACYTs’ PNP registred in the area of informatic, computer or technology, besides there is the only program involved in the following three specialization areas:

  • -System Analysis, Design and Simulation
  • -Distributed Information System Architectures
  • e-Business & Knowledge Management

6. Does the program can support part time sutdents, or only full time students?

This program support only full time students, 8 hours daily from 9 hrs. to 17 hrs. because of the PNP CONACYT normativity. Even if in the creation manifest of the PhD, the part time is considerated, for the moment, we consider that we need more maturity tin the program to support this kind of modality in the future.