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Laura Sanely Gaytán Lugo

Brief Biography

Sane Gaytán (27) is a PhD student in Information Technologies department at CUCEA faculty in University of Guadalajara since February 2012. She has a BSc in Computer Systems and MSc in Information Technologies, both, from the University of Colima. She has been professor for 5 years in the same institution, and also she has worked as an informatic’s teacher in a secondary school. She has worked as Web developer for more than 5 years. She joined the PhD program under the direction of Dr. Sara Catalina Hernández Gallardo.


PhD Thesis

Title: "Cognitive development in the levels of reading comprehension in third grade of elementary school with a serious game".

Director: Dra. Sara Catalina Hernández Gallardo.

Co-Director: Dr. Miguel Ángel García Ruíz.

Abstract. The act of reading is as old as the act of writting, the writting and the reading are instruments that were created by the men just over 5,000 years to preserve at first moment the knowledge acquired like results of experiences and, subsequently, to communicate and to pass on to future generations (Gutiérrez, 2009). The reading is a process that every person does by himself and let examined the content of the read, analyze each one of the parts to emphasize the essential and compare existing knowledge with newly acquired (Perrusquia et al., 2010). Nowadays in our country, Mexico, there is a serious problematic about the reading. On one hand, it said that we don’t have the habit of such act, conclusions that gather on base of results that have been acquired in the first poll about reading made by UNAM and Conaculta, where it revealed that the average of reading of Mexicans is 2.9 books per year (Ramírez, 2007). However Hernández-Luna (2007) says that the problem in Mexico is not the lack of reading, but is what is read, and also, how it makes the transition from one type of text to another. This problem, he mention us, it shows on our education system. According with the National Institute of Educative Evaluation (INEE), Mexico takes the 48 place between 66 countries in the OCDE in comprehension and analyze of reading. Results of the Pisa Test 2009 show that 81 percent of the students of junior high school in our country have  poor and minimum competition for cognitive complex activities (García, 2011), which leads to a very huge problem of education.

Mexico is the leader in videogames consuming in Latin American (El Universal,2007), which shows us that such technologies are part of our culture and, consequently, it makes us think of the great impact that it may have the use of this fantastic technologies of information and communication (TICs) to put them into practice for benefits of education in our country, specifically in the reading comprehension area; as it has been shown in other studies, the improvement of different abilities in the use of videogames (Conolly et al, 2009).

This is why this research proposes to use serious games to reinforce the comprehension lecture in elementary school, specifically on third grade.

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  • Prototyping a graphical user interface of serious game for third graders. (1st)
  • Estudio correlacional sobre la lectura de un estudiante de primaria y el puntaje excale (1st)
  • Developing a serious game to improve reading comprehension skills in third graders. (1st),2015
  • A contextual study and usability testing of video games to inform the design of a serious game to improve reading comprehension. (1st)


  • Towards improving reading comprehension skills in third graders with a serious game. (1st),2012
  • Towards improving reading comprehension skills in third graders. (1st),2012

Research Areas

  •  Education Technologies, Human Computer Interaction, Serious Games, Algebra and Statistics.

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  • Montesinos-López, O. A., Montesinos-López, Luna-Espinoza, I, Gaytán-Lugo L. S., Espinosa-Solares, T. (2012). Prueba de grupo. Una eficiente alternativa para estimar prevalencia animal, Rev. Mex. Cienc. Pecu. Accepted. 

Participation in Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

  • XXIII National and III International Congress of Crop Breeding.