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Maria Elena Meda Campaña


CVU Dra. Maria Elena Meda Campana

Brief Biography

  • María Elena Meda has received her PhD in electronic engineering in 2002 at the Research Center and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico.
  • Since 2003 she works at the University of Guadalajara as a full time professor at the Information System Department.
  • Her main research area is the modeling and applications of discrete event systems (DES) based on interpreted Petri nets (IPN).

Research Interests in the PhD


  • Modeling and simulation


Other Research Line Interests


  • Current work deals with the identification of systems using an asymptotic identification approach. This approach consists in compute an interpreted Petri net model just from the observation of the system input and output signals.


  • Another research topic is the analysis of properties to characterize a fault tolerant system. The definition of these properties will lead to design diagnosers that could be implemented on line with the system in order to avoid failures.


  • Other research interests are:
  1. Analysis, synthesis, simulation and implementation of Discrete event systems
  2. Formal techniques for performance analysis of Discrete event systems
  3. Application of Petri Nets to another research areas
  4. Explore other techniques like data mining in the analysis and implementation of Discrete event systems
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  • MC 517 Quantitative Methods / Master on Information Technologies Program 2003-2008
  • CJ536  Research Seminar / Master on Information Technologies Program 2006-
  • F0460  Building models and simulation / PhD on Information Technologies Program 2008-
  • SI124   Simulation Bachelor on Information Systems Program 2009-
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