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Ramón Osvaldo Guardado Medina


Brief Biography

Osvaldo Medina holds a B.S in Electronics system from ITCG. Osvaldo has 12 years of experience and participated in different industries and education institutions since 1999, Osvaldo has experience in personal projects, Also has advanced skill in researching on images processing, telecommunication system, and electronics system.

2008 (Active)
Universidad de Guadalajara.
Instituto Tecnológico de El Grullo.
2005 - 2007           
Flextronics S.A de C.V.
Test Engineer.
2003 – 2005
Development Engineer.
1999 - 2001           
Solectron de Mexico S.A de C.V.
Test Engineer.
   Registro Nacional de instituciones y empresas científicas y tecnológicas 2011/ 14596 CONACYT.

PhD Thesis

Title: "Intelligent detection of micro calcifications in mammograms based on fuzzy techniques".

Abstract. The aim of this research is based on the realization of a methodology for intelligent detection of micro calcifications in mammograms, in order to detect cancer at an early stage. This requires the analysis of a large number of images (mammograms), with or without problems, to classify and identify each of the cases. It shows the application of agents based computing in detecting breast cancer; each agent is training with a variable, which makes an important characteristic for the formation of a multi-agent. The aim is to develop a multi-agent system to detect micro calcifications and throw a diagnosis.



  • Quality of Microcalcification Segmentation in Mammograms by Clustering Algorithms (1ST),2013,DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-01854-6_31


  • Analysis of Preprocessing Algorithms for Space Frequency and Mathematical Morphology on Mammograms (1ST),2014,DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1100924
  • Intelligent detection of microcalcifications in mammograms based on fuzzy techniques (1ST),2012,SN
  • Qualitative analysis of oncology clinical variables for studies of neoplasm detection of microcalcifications in breast,2012,ISBN: 978-607-477-902-8

Research Areas

  • Images Processing, ROIs, Software Enginnering, Fuzzy Logics.



Project Name Professor

2008 –
Project Description & Assignments descriptions:
  • Professor (Engineering department and Master degree).
  • Project: “Analog to digital convert boards design   with PIC18F45450”, use embedded system and VISA LabVIEW for processing signals.
  • Director of master thesis: “Destructive analysis for electromagnetic pulse in electronics equipment”
  • Project: “PID control system for robot arm” (Embedded system).
  • I participated in construction of doctoral program.
  • I work with industry like a consulter.
Project Name  Professor
2007 -2010
Project Description & Assignments descriptions:
  • Professor (Department of electro mechanics).
  • Project: “Technology development of hardware and software for biomedical image processing in low cost equipment” (C Sharp and LabVIEW).
  • Project: “Bio amplifier prototype design for spectral analysis in electrocardiography” (LabVIEW and embedded system).
Project Name Test Engineer
2005 - 2007
Project Description & Assignments descriptions: 
  • Nortel networks development.
  • Test Engineer.
  • Software development for telecommunication product. (C sharp)
  • Diagnostic for test equipment.
  • Pilot test for introduction new products introduction.
Project Name Development Engineer.
2003 – 2005
Project Description & Assignments descriptions: 
  • Software Engineer. (Software development and engineering outsourcing services).
  • Plugins development for printers HP, Canon. (Web Jet platform).
  • Embedded system for radio frequency ID.
Project Name Test Engineer
1999 - 2001
Project Description & Assignments descriptions:
  • Test Engineer. (Failure analysis, Diagnostic equipment test, new products transfer )
  • Diagnostic Technician (failure analysis in telecommunication product).

Participation in Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

  • WIT 10, PhD in Information Technologies, University of Guadalajara (Jun , 2012).
Titulo Educativo: