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Ruben Ruelas Lepe

CVU Dr. Ruben Ruelas Lepe

Brief Biography

Rubén Ruelas received the communications and electronics engineering degree from the University of Guadalajara in 1988, and the PhD degree from the Université Henri Poincaré Nancy I, France, in 1997. He is professor of electrical engineering in the University of Guadalajara.

Research Interests in the PhD

Modelling & simulation

Other Research Line Interests

Knowledge modelling based on fuzzy technique



  • Modelo Cuántico con Entrelazamiento y Confinamiento Aplicado al Hidrógeno (2nd).SN.(2015)
  • ACO Using a MCDM Strategy for Route Finding in the City of Guadalajara, México (3rd).DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-01854-6_7 .(2014)
  • Quality of Microcalcification Segmentation in Mammograms by Clustering Algorithms (4th).DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-01854-6_31 .(2013)
  • Air Pollution Analysis with a Possibilistic and Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Applied in a Real Database of Salamanca (México)(4th).DOI: 10.5772/27120 .(2011)
  • Microcalcifications detection using PFCM and ANN (6th).DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-21587-2_28 .(2011)


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  • Modelado del confinamiento y la luminiscencia en nanopartículas de Seleniuro y Telururo de Cadmio. (2nd).SN.(2014)
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  • Intelligent detection of microcalcifications in mammograms based on fuzzy techniques (3rd).SN.(2012)
  • Senie 2012: National Week of Electronic Engineering, Octuber 2012 (ISBN: 978-607-477-902-8) Qualitative analysis of oncology clinical variables for studies of neoplasm detection of microcalcifications in breast (2nd).SN.(2012)
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  • An Extensible Object-Oriented Instrument Controller for Linux (2nd).SN.(SIN FECHA)
  • Using New Tools for Education - A Case of an International Cooperation for a Rapid Prototyping Course (1st).SN.(SIN FECHA)


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  • A Status Report on REACT, a Control Engine that runs on top of GNU/Linux for Creating SCADA and DCS Systems (2nd).SN.(2011)
  • Using GNU/Linux and other Free Software for Remote Data Collection, Analysis and Control of Silos in Mexico (3rd).SN.(2011)
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  • Improving classification with automated selection of a combined classifier (2nd).DOI: 10.1109/WAC.2002.1049582.(2002)



SI619, SI609

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