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Sergio Franco Casillas


Brief Biography

My name is Sergio Franco Casillas, student of the PhD in Information Technology, generation 2012 A. My degree in Informatics was in Centro Universitario de los Altos a foreign Center of the University of Guadalajara and my master degree in Applied Computing was in the city of Ocotlan another center of the same University.

I have been working as a professor in Centro Universitario de los Altos in different subjects, but the last ones are Data bases and Oriented object programming, and after I got a academic technical vacancy and since then I’ve working like a computer administrator and telecommunications responsible for the last 4 years, in this area I was responsible of servers as Moodle, Mail and domain controllers from the intranet.


PhD Thesis

Title: "Data mining applied to the evaluation of students performance on an LMS".

Abstract. Data mining is a series of methods for the extraction of knowledge from the information stored in a set of databases. To carry out this research will analyze the information of students to evaluate their performance through mining techniques to help to predict performance and also create a model study based on analysis of data to improve student activity to through virtual platforms, and develop a data mining algorithm that works directly in Moodle for predicting student achievement. 


Research Areas

  • Data bases, data mining, Moodle.
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