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Academic productivity

The main benefit is to generate social doctoral thesis applied research where the aim is that through technology organizations more productive. In this regard, information technologies are strategic and only trained doctors can reach the domain and creating added value to industry and government to allow its international competitiveness. So they are producing benefits for SMEs and organizations where, today, computers and information technology are missed. In most organizations basic office automation systems are used and do not have access to processes ERP platforms, or e-commerce, or even decision making and resource optimization systems in the cloud (Cloud Computing). Proof of this has projects on the subject of smart cities, health sector, manufacturing processes and technologies video games and complex simulations that are backed with funds and added value to the initiatives and organizations involved. The most important action is the dynamic that has been participating in various forums with industry, government and other academic institutions in the region, country and globally in the world. This includes chambers of industry, participation in international research workshops funded enterprises, etc. In relation to external institutions, it has a network of universities and university agreement with previous history in which researchers have visited and taught workshops, short stays and have motivated research interest. The aim is naturally that by students and co-management scheme will be an item for the program is provided with a strongly international context.

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