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Administrative processes

Application requirements for a candidate to the Doctorate in Information Technology which shall comply with the following points:

  • Present Proof of TOEFL with a minimum of 550 pts. or a level of 5.5 in IELTS.
  • Curriculum vitae evidencing background and experience relevant to the doctoral program.
  • Psychometric test.
  • Knowledge test based on the CS GRE.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Medical records showing that it can ensure continuity in the program full time and without long periods of interruption due to existing diseases.
  • Act related degree and master's degree program.
  • Reason letter to attend the program.
  • Perform evaluation interview by the academic board of the Ph.D.
  • Submit a research project in accordance with the research programAt the same time meet the other requirements of the existing university regulations and the call point. Attached to this document the call and capture tool for assessing students described below. There are three stages in assessing students.
  • Send resume and substantiating documentation related academic degree program and proof of TOEFL 550 PTS and other documents required by the Coordination of school control of our university mentioned above. Based on the above, the profile of the candidate by the academic board is identified, this in turn channeled to research member of the academic core base in order to enable the candidate to work on the protocol argument to be developed during the Ph.D. if there is agreement between both parties on the issue of its cognate to the research program convenience.
  • Once collected the documents and defined the issue with the support of researcher belonging to the group of doctorate, the applicant must submit to an interview with a previously appointed by the Academic Board of the graduate program, teacher said teacher will have experience in the line research which the candidate aspires to join.Finally, the applicant will have to present two tests: A) Psychometric: Evaluation of emotional and mental state of the applicant. B) Review of knowledge based on the GRE in computer science: In order to measure basic knowledge in programming and mathematics.

The Academic Board dictates the income of the applicants considering the following values ​​for the selection criteria:

  1. Consideration of selection (25 pts.)
Curriculum Evaluation (25 pts.)
  3. Interview (25 pts.)
  4. Research Project (25 pts.)

The information is published on the website of the program ( in the index, which contains a link to the opinion of acceptance issued by the Coordination School of our University Center Control. It also has a space on the portal page of the University Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences (CUCEA) which fulfills the same function.
As for the dissemination of all information call and an FAQ FAQ is contained entirely in our website, in addition CUCEA portal. Wanted to have a presence in graduate fairs, and print including the University Gazette