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Rules of Ph.D.

Policies for teachers

  • Deliver on time and updating the curriculum, program material be given and material support when requested coordination.
  • Respect the classroom was assigned to teach the course.
  • Meet the schedule assigned to class; it is advisable to start on time and end the session 10 minutes before the end of your schedule to facilitate the arrangement of the furniture support staff.
  • Order with 48 hrs. in advance of the computer you will need for your session.
  • As you responsible for computer equipment and general safety and proper use of all resources CUCEA, we suggest you take appropriate action.
  • We ask for your support for the order, cleanliness and respect for our academic spaces, values ​​remain in higher education. Please note that students must punctually attend their schedules class (any tolerance at its discretion, should not exceed 20 minutes) and also will insist that smoking is prohibited and introduce food into the classroom and use it for purposes other than teaching.
  • Remember that students are only entitled to 20% of absences for obtaining the status of matter coursing.
  • Sign your attendance before starting the class in the module located on the first floor of the building "Q" space "ready room".
  • Deliver attendance list will provisionally is delivered by this Coordination at the start of the course to verify registration control and have better administrative performance in the rest of the semester.
  • It is not allowed to take the furniture out of the classroom or change from one classroom to another. Should the teaching strategy requires a different arrangement which initially had the classroom, the furniture must be moved watching their good condition and the - end of the class, should be repositioned in the initial way in which he found himself.
  • In order to keep good video projector, it is essential to address the following:
    1. Activate the power switch
    2. Turn on the projector
    3. Connect VGA cable
    4. Display image (F4 or F6)
    5. At the end, once off the projector when the red light tells you will be ready to clear the outlet.
    6. When not using the video projector is made for long shut down to prevent overheating.
  • It is recommended to make sustainable use of electricity and air conditioning. Do not use electric lighting if there is sufficient natural light and use air conditioning only where strictly necessary at a temperature of 22o cases. In hot weather, preferably open windows and allow natural ventilation.
  • When you are using the air conditioning shut doors and windows and turn off air conditioning when leaving the classroom.
  • Leave the white board or use clean material respecting the space next teacher.
  • After school not leave the classroom personal items (computer, purse, backpack, etc.) Coordination of Graduate and Coordination Programs are not liable for damage or loss, the recovered objects will be sent to the Administrative Office in the N-301 module.

Policies for students


Within our organization there are rules governing disciplines at this university and general guidelines governing the operation of this PhD. Here we inform some of them, based on the Organic Law of the University of Guadalajara and agreements of the Academic Board program that provides:

Article 90, section II and IV specify which are general causes of responsibility:

Fraction II. Not keep respect and consideration due to academic work, managers, academics, administrative staff and peers in their respective cases;

Section IV. Cause damage to facilities, equipment and furniture University.

So too, which they are marked on the General Statute of the University of Guadalajara in Article 205 sections II, IV, IX:

Fraction II. Neglecting their university activities without just cause.

Section IV. Unjustifiably suspend, in whole or in part, academic or administrative activities.

Section IX. Skipping discipline in any form.

In the same way, our University Center reminds the following provisions

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the classroom, drinking beverages and food.
  • It is strictly forbix|dden to misuse of computer equipment and teaching support being provided for the delivery of courses. There is no external borrowing of such equipment and materials.
  • Keep clean the classrooms, hallways and, in general, all areas of the CUCEA, is an individual and collective responsibility.
  • It is not allowed to use cell phones during class.
  • It is not allowed to stay in the classroom outside school hours previously established.
  • It is prohibited to hold events, celebrations and meetings in the classroom.
  • Reply evaluations, questionnaires and answer any administrative matters related to graduate school.

General guidelines established by the academic board:

  • Cover the payment of the semester tuition schedules A and B in a single exhibition in the months of March and September respectively and deliver the respective receipt directly to the Coordination.
  • Comply in a timely manner with the registration of subjects offered by the Coordination in SIIAU on the dates indicated regularly be in the months of January and August respectively according to the school year A and B.
  • Keep updated personal data for the facilitation of communication both the student and Coordination.
  • Establish permanent communication with the assigned tutor and where appropriate inform the Coordination any differences interfere with the achievement of mentoring.
  • Meet the work and previous research advances for the preparation of the final document (Thesis) required for the degree to obtain the corresponding degree in the first six months after completing their curriculum.