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In the PhD student you can not be accepted into the program if you do not have a supervisor to support it and a joint proposal with the principal theme work. The figure of codirector you can choose from the second semester. By opinion, the director and co-director are required each to spend at least two hours per week review. At the same time, ongoing assessments in which each student has two tutors teachers associated program to track their academic performance are implemented. Additionally, events are generated based on the concerns of students to improve their skills. Under the premise that it is a requirement that students have a publication with international arbitration endorsed by the academic board, given the necessary guidance along with his director and co-director so you can do it according to the results. It is also to consider, that since the population of doctoral students is not large, and monitoring mechanisms to ensure progress in the right direction concern not only to the academic board, but the whole community that supports the program.
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